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Silk, Straw and a Sash: pre-4th of July Look

Since we're heading into a pre-holiday weekend, I'll keep this post short & sweet so you can get back to livin your life babes. I wanted to share this look that I pulled together spur of the moment. My sister and I are playing around with a new camera, so bare with me on the semi-fuzzy images. Here is an easy-breezy look for weekend before the 4th.. Nude & white make for an ideal summer color scheme.

Alright so boyfriend jeans are a hit or miss, and typically need a belt to make presentable. I wanted a light look, but desperately needed a belt. I didn't want to weigh down the white denim with a heavier belt to break up the color scheme so I turned to alternate options...

Solution: I grabbed my chiffon kimono, and stole it's belt for the jeans. Weird and definitely not a normal pairing... Who would've thought that a kimono wrap tied in a bow could pair with denim? I'm convinced it works because the chiffon & silk top are similar fabrics. I think it having it slightly off-center from where a normal buckle would be made for a nice feminine detail.

Another fun fact about this look is that the silk camisole & straw bag cost me $0.99 each (#shameless). As a terminal deal-seeker, thrifting is a great way to score without breaking the bank. You just have to know how and where to look. ALWAYS go for luxe fabrics when thrifting.

All in all, the moral of the story is that you can use unexpected accents that you already have on hand to use in a different way. Think outside the box when accessorizing & don't be afraid to wear something in a way you never thought of before.

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Have an amazing weekend babes!! I'd love to hear how you adapt unexpected accessories, please do share! :)

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