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5 Non-cliche Ways to Rock Silk Right Now

Here's a quick little post to share this look because it’s monochrome yet funky at the same time. I wore it to the Gorillaz concert a few weeks ago & it was perfect for the offbeat underground crowd mood. How lucky were we that the sky parted with this crazy lighting to match the tones (#onbrand or what?!).

Let’s talk color scheme; since I love cool tones this was right up my alley. When in doubt, go monochromatic. It’s the easiest thing to do when you don’t feel like coordinating. The different tones of blue here complement each other.

Other ways you could pull off a monochromatic look would be by pairing all beiges, grays, or even pinks. The silver toned blue in the skirt brought out the brighter powder blue of the mesh shirt. The silk skirt gives me 90’s Kate Moss feels. It works because the mesh shirt downplays the elegance of the skirt. Threw on a plaid shirt to save me from the rain, didn't help too much with the humidity or wind though to be honest lol. Nevertheless you have to love a good balance of luxe & grunge.

Here are some other ways you can style silk for the summer:

1. Low-Maintenance:

A white tee & silk midi skirt with white ankle boots.

2. Classic:

Silk cami, skinny jeans & pumps.

3. Parisian:

A slip dress with a lightweight trench with combat boots.

4. Urban:

Silk Maxi Dress & White Sneakers & Mesh Bomber.

5. Boho:

Pair a Tropicana Print Wrap Skirt with a Bright Hued Silk Cami.

I’d love to hear how you rock a monochromatic look or are styling silk this summer!

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Have a great weekend loves, and as always thank you for reading!

xo Madison

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