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Embrace a Joie De Vivre Mindset

Happy Monday! It’s time to realign your intent for the week and check in on how you’re doing with your goals. Snap out of the Monday blues, and do your best to enjoy the grind like it’s still Saturday morning (even sans french press).

Morning rituals:

1. Write a gratitude journal. Physically writing out a list of the things you are grateful for truly sets a positive tone for the day. (I know I always write about this, but if you still haven’t tried it please do!)

2. Prep your breakfast or coffee the night before so you can indulge first thing in the morning. Treat yo-self!

3. Ditch stress on your morning commute by listening to podcasts or your favorite music to brush off any potential road rage.

Throughout the day:

1. Refresh your mind with 2-3 minutes of meditation (I love using the Headspace app for mini guided sessions).

2. Learn to laugh. Don’t take things too seriously, instead of stressing or getting embarrassed about mistakes you may have made, laugh it out.

3. Gravitate towards positive people. You can’t please everyone (especially those that wake up on the wrong side of the bed), but you can surround yourself with those that bring a positive attitude.

At the end of the day:

1. Make plans to do something fun after work whether it’s a happy hour date, an episode of your favorite tv show, or reading. Make it a date beforehand & you’ll have something to look forward to throughout the day.

2. Reflect on the day. Celebrate all the little things you accomplished, whether it was a super productive day, or you were constantly interrupted. Be grateful for all of it!

3.Think about what tomorrow will bring: get excited for whatever tomorrow has in store! Strategize how you can make experiences better for yourself and others, and also how you can strive to be 1% better tomorrow.

Follow these tips and hopefully, your mood will mirror how you feel on Saturday’s. Anyways this was my Saturday morning look, which I think would be perfect for a casual brunch. This outfit can easily be dressed up or down by swapping different shoes & adding more accessories. I traded the mules for my old-school van's in the middle of shooting this look.

I’ve been wearing less black lately, for some reason, it feels more natural for summer. Is White the new black? Still loving culottes at the moment because they’re relaxed and definitely make you feel carefree. I paired this with the Gunmetal Crop available in the boutique!

In other news, I am beginning to work on developing personal stylist packages, so if you may be interested please get in touch with me! (email

Until next time!

xo Madison

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