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Independence Day Recap: 10 Commandments of Independence

In America on Tuesday we celebrated the 4th of July, which marks the birth of the United States as a free and independent nation. Independence Day is a great reason to celebrate, and the best time to pull out your red white & blue gear. If you’re lucky enough to live in a free nation, you might as well take control of your own personal independence. Especially if you’re a young woman, you may find these tips useful on how to embrace a feeling of independence in your own life.

1. Get your Finances right.

Avocado toast tastes better from your kitchen than that trendy overpriced brunch spot, believe me. Save what you can, every little bit counts.

2. Take time for yourself & indulge in a little self-care.

A face mask and a mani-pedi can work miracles for your confidence. Take care of your body. Eat healthy, be active & wear SPF daily so you'll age with grace.

3. Take time learning things that bring you simple pleasure even if it’s not directly related to your career field.

For me, this includes french lessons and reading. Never stop learning because you will become more confident and independent the more well-rounded you become.

4. Treat your home like a sanctuary.

Have a cleaning routine in place, and buy a little bouquet of fresh flowers for your living room weekly.

5. Take people at face value.

Independent women forgive gracefully, but do not expect people to change. Embrace the people that treat you well, and don’t let the others slow you down.

6. Have confidence in your decisions.

Do not feel guilty for declining invitations or doing something other than what the crowd wants you to do, because only you know what’s best for your well-being.

7. Know what you want & have self-efficacy to pursue your goals.

In other words: stay in your lane & don't compare your success to anyone else's except for who you were in the past.

8. Be unbiasedly honest with yourself when you make mistakes.

Again don’t dwell, just be determined to be better next time around.

9. Don't fall in love with the idea of a relationship, take it as it goes..

If it works out, great! Never discount your worth for a gorgeous guy that doesn’t treat you like you deserve.

10. Curate a group of individuals that hold you accountable to be the best version of yourself possible.

Remember empowered women, empower others. (#girlsquad, can I get an amen?)

Now here’s a quick recap of my Independence Day look; I’m not one to wear a lot of red so I did my best to add a little crimson pop. These pants are SO comfortable and are pretty versatile for summer days, you could go from the beach to an alfresco lunch or run errands in them. These little platform sandals give me a little height, so I usually opt for a tiny heel or platform. I decided to keep it classic with a white bikini, because I’m way too fair to rock a bright red bikini at the moment & an American flag bikini isn’t really my style.

Hope you all had an amazing week! :) Please share and let me know what you would like to see next on the blog.



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