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Get it girl: Channeling your inner-courage immediately

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Reflection is a unexpected tool to help you level-up in your life. In our instantaneous world we try to move as quickly as possible 247-365 (Let's be honest, saving 5 minutes with Starbucks mobile is very convenient). Moving quickly is a good thing, but not for everything. Personal development is something that can’t be sped up, and a little reflection on a consistent basis can yield huge results. Try this little exercise to channel your courage now:

Reflect on the decisions you’ve made (or have failed to make) in the past:

· The positive decisions you made in the past put you in a better position today, and your current self is grateful for this. Perhaps initiating a new relationship, deciding to study when you were tempted to go out or ditching relationships that no longer serve you etc.

· The negative decisions are when you procrastinated, avoided, or took actions that were not in your best interest. Examples of this could include: staying in a toxic relationship or unfulfilling job (i.e. lack of action), overthinking reaching out to people, procrastinating anything because you didn't feel “ready” or choosing any slightly easier decision despite knowing what was the best route. Reflecting on those outcomes, you wish you would’ve done it differently and had the courage to look out for your future self.

Now recognizing the difference in the feeling between those last two bullets is the secret to channeling your inner-courage today.

In moments of fear and self-doubt, trust your intuition. The more small steps you take today, the greater your feeling of satisfaction will be. It will become easier to keep the courageous-queen mindset in motion. Courage is like a muscle, small practices pay off (just like your not expected to master a headstand in your first yoga class, eventually you'll get there). Don't dwell on what you should've, could've, would've done in the past.. Just move forward intentionally.

You learn and grow daily so even if you tried something in the past & failed: try again. If you don’t try, nothing will ever happen. Have some grit, be resilient.

There’s nothing glamorous about acting small.

Act with courage as an effort of integrity and self-respect towards your future self.

I hope this helps, I would love to hear your thoughts on this! Later this week, expect a post on the It-girl jewelry trends for S/S ‘17

-Madison xo

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