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How to: Maximize Summer for a Competitive Advantage

Summer is an amazing time of year no doubt (cue the summer water pool days and long nights) but while everything else is moving slower during summer, it's actually the optimal time to get ahead.

Business Insider stated that workplace productivity declines an average of 20% and distractions increase by 45% this season (1). Regardless if you're taking classes or working, don't succumb to the summer slump… Keep reading to learn how to maximize your summer!

July 2nd marks the median point of the year, so this is a great point to reflect on your New Year's Resolutions and evaluate your progress thus far. If you pushed them under the rug, it's better late than never to reprioritize… (6 months left until 2018!) I will post another post on self-assessment and semi-annual goals.

Set a stretch goal for the summer, one that will take two-three months to achieve. Examples could be committing to learning a new language or a new fitness routine, while more courageous goals could be to start the blog or business you've always dreamed of.

People yawn over listening to you preach about what you'd like to do, what you're going to do, why you haven't started, etc. (boring!). At some point, your actions need to match your words so take accountability for yourself: cut the excuses and procrastination (i.e. hours of Netflix binging) & get to work!

Emerge yourself in your passion from 5-9 p.m. No matter how large or small of a feat the passion project on your mind may be, take the first steps & the next steps will be illuminated as you go. You'll be amazed at how energizing it is to work on something you're passionate about, you'll gain momentum to continue when results become apparent.

Contact the person you've been meaning to connect with from that networking event a few months back or reconnect with the old peers with whom you wish to maintain a relationship with. Since people are already more social during summer, it's the perfect time to schedule that lunch date.

Use local community events as a way to connect with more people. Donating some time to volunteering or attending charitable events puts yourself in an environment to meet other socially conscious individuals.

This is also a great time to refresh your resume, Linked In page, and ensure that your overall online presence is how you want it to appear.

(all photos by the lovely @kaymariephoto)

A little planning can go a long way, implement these strategies and you'll accomplish a lot this summer. It will make the downtime and vacation time you do take that much more rewarding. I would love to hear what goals you all have this summer, and please share with your friends!

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Source #1: (Business Insider)

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