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Your guide to Chic Memorial Day Looks

In the United States, Memorial Day is tomorrow, which is a wonderful holiday to appreciate everyone that serves our country. The holiday marks the unofficial start of summer with cookouts galore. It is wonderful to dress festively, but if you prefer a look that doesn’t scream “'merica” all over it then keep reading... I got you covered!

Part 1: The Basics

1. Chambray

Chambray is an easy way to make denim seem a bit more elegant. Wear a chambray dress or shirt with some red accessories and you’re set!

2. Gingham.

This pattern has resurfaced everywhere this year! Classically made famous by Brigitte Bardot’s pink gingham wedding dress. For our purposes however, stick to black and white or red and white patterns.

3. All white with a mix of textures.

The best way to make a monochromatic look pop is to incorporate multiple textures, white denim with cotton/silk/suede will add depth to any look.

Then add accessories:

Add some zest to your look with a pop of red. Red shoes or a purse are an easy way to do this, or you could try a bandana (very trendy currently). I have been loving straw bags lately they're very Jane Birkin-esque, and would pair delightfully with chambray.

Any way you incorporate festive shades, always remember that less is more. Balance your looks if they're heavier in bold tones/patterns then go lighter on the accessories, and vice versa. Hope this helps & Enjoy the long weekend babes!


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