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Summer Velvet: The Fail-Proof Secret to Transitioning Pieces

Ever struggled to find a season-appropriate way to wear that gorgeous piece you scored at an end-of-season sale? Today I will explain the secret to successfully blending seasons into a single look.

The fail-proof way to adapt fall/winter pieces into spring/summer looks is to apply the "Rule of Thirds." Meaning, that 1/3 of the look contains winter elements, and the remaining 2/3's of elements are current season appropriate. The Rule of Thirds can be applied to any sector of design, while most commonly used in photography, it is an easy concept to grasp in fashion.

A visual application of the Rule of Thirds is seen in the above picture. Roughly 2/3 of the outfit illustrates summer concept: eyelet embroidered light-wash denim in a relaxed boyfriend jean fit, open toe pump sandals & bare arms with a hint of ankle exposure. The remaining 1/3 is heavier with the crushed velvet tank, the 1/3 is subtle and makes the overall look appear seasonally appropriate.

Velvet is a perfect fabric that is traditionally seen as a winter staple that this concept can be applied to. The luxurious texture and sheen of crushed velvet is stunningly contrasted against summer details.

I love contradictory fashion, many of my looks exemplify going against the status quo. I get a little kick from adding unexpected elements. The "Rule of Thirds" can be applied to any looks. Other examples could include:

I'm a finance major in college so hopefully a numerical interpretation will give you a clear method to apply to any look. Nevertheless, enjoy the warmer days & longer summer nights. Also, #TGIF!!! I would love to hear your thoughts and please share with anyone you think would benefit from this!

Until next time,

Madison xx

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