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Sunday Re-charge (duster & mules)

Taking time to re-charge & re-energize is necessary for sustainable growth. We can only give to others what we have for ourselves. As much as I advocate a hustle mindset, you can't work yourself to a breaking point. Work steadily to reach your goals & enjoy the process, but also enjoy some downtime & make time to spend with the people that build you up.

My quick trip to Florida to visit my mom (aka my QUEEN hehe) truly rejuvenated me. Amidst school, work, and my Vegas trip I needed a break from all the stimuli. A little vitamin D, bubbly & arrabiata pasta accompanied by the bet company was the perfect remedy. Your foundational relationships keep you grounded, so make it a priority to nurture them and express gratitude for your anchors.

Anyways, my looks in Florida embraced my state of relaxation. These mule sandals are epitome of easy-going, the block heel can be walked in for miles (literally).

Point of this post: work hard, have some fun & nourish the connections that help you grow.

Talk soon,


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