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International Women's Day

"Be Bold for Change," is the official theme of this year's International Women's Day. Amidst a chaotic political, social and economic climate, it is important for women to recognize that there is power in numbers and that light always out shines darkness.

Chez Mad's mission is to create a community in which "ideas are encouraged, individualism is sexy, and empathy is revived". This statement applies to everyone.

It is time to raise awareness that equality is a fundamental right, and that choosing to love is also a conscious choice. Choosing love over judgement, envy, hate etc. is implemented by consistently setting positive intentions every day. Self-awareness is the fertile foundation where one can learn to control their thoughts (swapping out negative for positive). One of the easiest ways to increase your self-awareness is to make a daily habit of writing a gratitude list.

Increased gratitude=Increased happiness (simple as that!)

This foundation allows for positive growth that will not be shaken by an occasional storm.

Let's be victorious, not a victim.

I was incredibly blessed to grow up in a home where women equality was never a question. My entrepreneurial spirit was inherited from my father, and he has always encouraged me to follow my ambitions. In middle school, I had a the most diverse girl-gang (and we're all still BFF's btw). However regardless of the environment of your upbringing, it is absolutely necessary to embrace equality and encourage it in your current and future relationships. "Be bold to make a change," so instill positivity so that future generations will have a better foundation.

Feminism has often been misinterpreted but it is for the advocacy of women's rights, which doesn't entail that we are fighting against or taking rights away from men. With an abundance mindset, we can realize that human rights should not be scarce. Feminism supports unity & sisterhood.

With that being said, I challenge you to elevate women (everyday) but especially today through encouragement & compliments. Support your local & global girl gang, and be whatever kind of woman you want to be!

With love,


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