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UBM Fashion Magic Market Week- Vegas, February 2017

Vegas was a whirlwind experience, a "Disneyland for adults" in the middle of the desert if you will. I attended UBM Fashion's Magic Market Week, and was graced with the opportunity to connect with so many designers and other creatives! There were many well known already established brands in addition to emerging new talented designers.

There were various seminars that I gained immense insight from on various subjects including: Global Trend Stories + Key Colors for S/S 18, Pantone's Colors To Inspire S/S 18, Sustainable Fashion: Why it Matters + How to Make it Work. I wish I had time to attend more seminars but I'm considering doing a post dedicated to the content of these seminars.

My main takeaway from the week is that sustainability is sexy. Society is exhausted from overstimulation from technology & we're collectively craving to get back to our roots. Everywhere you looked there were natural textures like shrubbery, woods, and stones built into displays embodying this mood. Chez Mad will emphasize the importance of sustainable fashion in future posts.

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