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All-Black look with Eastern Influence

Chez Mad is founded from cultural embrace & our styles will exhibit elements of different cultures. I have always found Asian culture especially intriguing and would pack my bags tomorrow if the opportunity arose.

The bright primary colors used in Oriental design, and the symbolism of flames and dragons are too rad. I discovered this hidden gem that boasts of these elements. The gilded details are very engaging. This all black outfit I’m wearing allows the structure to shine.

One strategy to elongate your body and instantly make you look leaner & taller is a monochrome look. By creating a subtle optical illusion, the visual flow will be seamless. (also helpful when you press the snooze once too many ;). Obsessed with these wide-legged pants (Forever 21, but tailored to fit perfectly). Typically paired with heels, but instead dressed them down with my Comme de Garcon Play Converses for an urban edge. The cropped sweater balances out the wide legged pants, and also adds a different texture to help differentiate the all-black look. Accessorized with a military hat that has been appearing everywhere lately for a touch of Parisian sophistication.

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